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Trinity Metro
Awarded Results - Total: 48
Number Title Type Awarded Date Awarded To Award File
19-T045 TEX Rail Signage Project IFB 2019-10-28 Cockrell Enovation 1_BA2020-02.pdf
19-T058 Transit Bus and Van Batteries IFB 2019-10-28 Continental Battery 2_BA2020-13.pdf
19-T043 TexRail Safety Fencing Construction Project IFB 2019-10-28 Scott Tucker Construction 3_BA2020-03.pdf
19-T036 Cut Away Vans RFP 2019-10-28 Creative Bus Sales 4_BA2020-12.pdf
20-T005 Drug and Alcohol Testing, Addendum #'s 1, 2 & 3 RFP 2020-01-27 Concentra Medical Centers 5_Board Action - Concentra.pdf
20-T014 ERP Managed Systems Provider RFP 2020-01-27 Ks2 Technologies 6_Board Action - 20-T014.pdf
IFB 20-T009 Vending Machine Services IFB 2020-01-27 FreshOMatic 7_Board Action.pdf
19-T023 Design-Build-TM Headqtrs & Add # 1, Sign In Sheet RFQ 2020-03-31 KHK Group, LTD BA 20-2042.pdf
20-T020 Photography Services RFP 2020-04-27 Kenneth Fitzgerald dba Railroad Historical Photography 9_BA2020-51_Photography_Services.docx.pdf
20-T013 Purchase of Vehicles for FY 20 IFB 2020-04-27 Southwest Ford 10_BA2020-49_Purchase_of_Support_Vehicles.docx (002).pdf
20-T001 Transit Towing Services RFP 2020-04-27 Texas Towing Record Service, Inc. 11_BA2020-50_Vehicle_Towing_Service.docx.pdf
20-T022 Sales Tax Review Services RFP 2020-05-20 Avenu Insights & Analytics, LLC 12_BA2020-57_Award_of_Contract_for_Sales_Tax_Review_Services_-_Rev_1.docx.pdf
20-T023 Financial Advisory Services RFP 2020-05-20 Hilltop Securities, Inc. & Estrada Hinojosa & Company 13_BA2020-58_Award_of_Contract_for_Financial_Advisory_Services_-_Rev_1.docx.pdf
20-T002 Employee Benefits Advisory & Broker Services RFP 2020-05-20 Arthur J. Gallagher 14_BA2020-59_Employee_Benefits_Advisory_Broker_Service_-_Rev_1.docx.pdf
19-T054 Intelligent Transit Systems, Add #'s 1 & 2 RFP 2020-05-20 Trapeze Software Group, Inc. 15_BA2020-60_Trapeze_Intelligent_Transit_System_-_Rev_1.docx.pdf
20-T029 Registered Investment Advisory Services RFP 2020-06-22 IMA Wealth, Inc. 16_BA2020-67 Registered Investment Advisory Services.docx.pdf
20-T043 TEXRail Wayfinding Signage Project IFB 2020-08-27 Synergy Signs & Services 17_BA2020-76_TEXRail_Stations_Wayfinding_Signage.docx.pdf
20-T035 Articulating Boom Lift IFB 2020-08-24 Equipment Depot 18_BA2020-84_Purchase_of_Articulating_Boom_Lift.docx.pdf
20-T037 Design Services RFP 2020-09-28 CHK America 19_BA2020-94 Design Services.docx.pdf
20-T046 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) & Addendums IFB 2020-10-28 American Textile, Aramsco, Buyer's Point, Catalyst PR, Green Dream, Ionized, Knock Out Specialties 20_BA2020-95 Purchase of Personal Protective Equipment PPE Materials.docx.pdf
20-T051 Lease Financing for Transit Buses RFP 2020-09-28 JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. BA2020-98 Lease Financing for Transit Buses.docx.pdf
20-T044 Oils and Lubricants IFB 2020-09-28 Ataram LLC, Fidelity Fuels and Specialty Products, Senergy Petroleum Marketing 22_BA2020-100 Oils and Lubricants.docx.pdf
20-T048 Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing IDIQ RFP 2020-10-26 Angiel, Denali, Fort Worth Electrical 23_BA2021-07_Mechanical_Electrical_and_Plumbing_MEP_Contractors.docx.pdf
20-T038 Bus Parts IFB 2020-11-17 Aftermarket Parts Company, LLC 24_BA2021-21_Bus_Parts.docx.pdf
20-T058 E Lancaster Corridor Transit Development Plan RFP 2021-11-16 Kimley-Horn 25_BA2021-23_Award_of_Contract_for_East_Lancaster_Corridor_Transit_Oriented_Development_Plan.docx.pdf
21-T001 Temporary Staffing Services RFP 2021-03-22 Cornerstone Staffing 26_BA2021-46_Temporary_Staffing_Services.docx.pdf
21-T007 Transit Bus Tire Lease RFP 2021-03-22 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company 27_BA2021-42_Transit_Bus_Tire_Lease.docx.pdf
21-T008 Light/Medium Duty Revenue Vehicle Purchase RFP 2021-03-22 Alliance Bus Group 28_BA2021-38_Purchase_of_Light_Medium_Revenue_Vehicles_(2).docx.pdf
20-T013. Purchase of Vehicles. IFB 2021-04-20 Southwest Ford 29_BA2020-49_Purchase_of_Support_Vehicles.docx (002).pdf
20-T027 TEXRail Segment 1 Environmental Assessment RFQ 2020-06-22 AECOM Technical Services 30_BA2020-63 Environmental Assessment Conceptual Engineering for the TEXRail Extension from Texas and P.pdf
20-T036 HVAC ROOFTOP UNITS & Addendum # 1 RFP 2020-08-24 Johnsons Controls 31_BA2020-85_Replacement_of_Rooftop_HVAC_Units.docx.pdf
20-T006 Real Estate Appraisal Services RFP 2020-06-22 CBRE, Commerical Appraisal, Harry, JLL, ML&M 32_BA2020-64 Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity IDIQ Real Estate Appraisal Services.docx.pdf
21-T012 Printing Services RFP 2021-03-22 Cockrell Enovation 33_BA2021-40_Award_of_Contract_for_Printing_Services.docx.pdf
21-T022 Paratransit Service Provider RFP 2021-06-21 Catholic Charities 34_BA2021-63 Section 5310 Paratransit Service Provider.docx.pdf
21-T040 Real Property Acquisition Services RFP 2021-08-24 HDR Engineering 35_BA2021-79_Right_of_Way_Services.docx.pdf
21-T027 Parking Lot Striping IFB 2021-08-24 Striping Plus, LLC. 36_BA2021-78_Striping_Services.docx.pdf
21-T029 Fire Extinguisher Services IFB 2021-08-24 Johnson Controls 37_BA2021-77_Fire_Extinguisher_Service.docx.pdf
21-T031 CentrePort/ DFW Airport Transportation Services RFP 2021-08-24 Catholic Charities 38_BA2021-63 Section 5310 Paratransit Service Provider.docx.pdf
21-T020 TRE Trinity Lakes Station RFP 2021-08-24 Austin Bridge & Road, LP. 39_BA2021-67_Trinity_Railway_Express_TRE_Trinity_Lakes_Station_Construction_Project.docx.pdf
21-T017 Fort Worth Central Station Safety Upgrades RFP 2021-08-23 Herzog Transit 40_BA2021-66_Safety_Enhancements_at_Fort_Worth_Central_Station.docx.pdf
21-T004 Community Relations/Community Relations Services RFP 2021-03-22 Murnahan Public Relations 41_BA2021-39_Community_Relations_Services.docx.pdf
20-T034 TEX Rail Stations Public Art Construct & Install RFP 2021-01-25 3Form 42_BA2021-29 TEXRail Station Windscreen Fabrication and Installation.docx.pdf
21-T033 Professional Moving Services RFP 2021-10-25 All Points of Texas 43_BA2022-07 Professional Moving Services.pdf
21-T038 Lawn Care Services IFB 2021-10-25 Lawn Patrol Services, Inc. 44_BA2022-06 Lawn Maintenance Services.pdf
21-T043 Sand Trap Services IFB 2021-10-25 Sand Trap Service Co. ,Inc. 45_BA2022-08 Sand Trap Extraction Services.pdf
21-T039 Waste Management Services IFB 2021-10-25 Republic Services, Inc. 46_BA2022-09 Waste Management Services.pdf
21-T032 Bus Stop Real Time Signage RFP 2021-10-25 Connectpoint Inc. 47_BA2022-05 Bus Stop Real-Time Information Signage.pdf
21-T041 Executive Search and Recruiting Services RFP 2021-10-25 Krauthamer & Associates, LLC 48_BA2022-12 Contracting for Executive Search and Recruiting Services.pdf